The northern Citroën building is an iconic and functional building. Located next to the Olympic stadium in the south of Amsterdam. It is build by architect Jan Wils in 1930.

The building used to function as a garage in basement and upper floors, and had a showroom on street level. The industrial character is still clearly visible. The building contains a ramp, that would allow the cars to go to the upper floors and the roof.The building changed ownership in 2014, at the same time the building became listed as a monument.
The owner wants to repurpose the building, and make it suitable for Offices, retail and restaurant use.

The strength of the building is that it has a prominent structure, which gives the building its flexibility.
Another powerful quality of the building is that although the structure is solid and heavy, the character of the building remains light and transparent at the same time. The glass curtain facades between the floors support this image.
To strengthen this light and transparent character, and to make it suitable as a multitenant office building its qualities will be radicalized. The existing building will be perforated by an orthogonal transparent structure.
A new orthogonal glass structure consisting of nine light courts that will fit in the system of the existing plan.
To enforce orientation, the light court, that will give access to the office floors, will be made of coloured glass. Surrounded by the fixed elevators and sanitation in gold.
Inspired on Roman Churches like Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere. Where the Nave is being enlighted by yellow glass, accompanied by an golden ceiling, which causes a warm golden glow in the centre, in comparison to the natural enlighted Aisles.

This new glass structure will reorganize the plan so it will be usable by different tenants per floor. It will provide plenty of daylight to make it a more enjoyable work environment.
It will enrich the spatial experience from the inside while retaining the original character of the building at the same time.















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